Vibration Products

World Class vibration solutions that push the boundaries of value and innovation

We believe in using low noise sensors, that have at least a 10kHz flat frequency response and in using 24 bit data converters in all of our products. Our obsession with quality underpins our measurement systems' ability to detect faults early to enable that all important early maintenance intervention.


Functional Specification  – Blue Belt
Single channel 24bit measurement Pod

A wearable device that enables the collection of 24bit AC or ICP dynamic data as part of a walkaround vibration measurement system. Designed to deliver optimal quality vibration condition assessment results for an increasingly competitive PdM market.

Key Features

  • Uses Industry standard Bluetooth 2.0 (50-75kB/s Transfer rate OTA)
  • Gather data from any hard-wired sensors or AC panel
  • Fully embedded DSP   FFT, Demodulation, Decimation, Overalls (ISO, Crest, gHF, Kurtosis)
  • Available to white label – embed within your own PdM solution


Functional Specification  – Umote EU
IIOT Wireless 24bit smart Vibration sensor

An autonomous single channel 24bit vibration sensors utilising the IIOT LoRaWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) wireless Networking system. Capable of taking all the required readings to diagnose the common machine faults and transmitting that data to the cloud while storing up to 250 sets of fully flexible 65536 sample time domain blocks.

Key features

  • Capable of LoRaWAN and Bluetooth Low Energy Radio Comms
  • Supported by an Azure Cloud (Uptime) and a local Handheld Android phone application (Umobile)
  • Intelligent adaptive data collection intervals based on measuring point condition
  • Capable of logging high quality 24bit (25.6kHz sample rate) data to the embedded hard drive
  • Battery can last up to 4 years (depending upon measurement regime).
  • Available to white label – embed within your own PdM solution
Technical Specifications
  • EU LoRaWAN (Class A) – 4 sets of optimised 51byte packets/ measurement interval
  • 24bit ADC (106dB SNR) Single Channel
  • ± 80g range (embedded low noise piezo sensor)
  • Completely programmable trigger parameters
  • 2Hz – 10kHz frequency response (± 1%)
  • Capable of measuring vibration data directly using BLE pr USB modes
  • Up to 250sets of 32768 blocks stored
  • Embedded FFT, Filtering and Demodulation
Power & Mechanical
  • Utilises AA SAFT LS14500 Lithium Thionyl Chloride 2500mAh, 3.6V batteries
    • 1 year of battery life on daily logging
    • 3 years of battery life on weekly logging
    • 5 years of battery life on monthly logging
  • IP67 rated enclosure
  • (80mm x 40mm) antenna reaches 120mm
  • Sensor mounting thread M6
  • Weight 88 grams


uBridge 16842 Intelligent Online Device

The recently released Uptime ubridge16842 is a truly IIOT/ Industry 4.0 compatible Intelligent Condition Monitoring solution for all balance of plant and critical-spared assets.

  • 16 channels in 2 sets of (8 x 24bit) channels @ 51.2kHz sample rate simultaneously
  • Allocated 0.5GB RAM enables super long sample sets (> 40 minutes @ 51.2kHz sample rate)
  • Store data locally on the Single Board PC SD card (up to 128Gb)/ or using USB Drives
  • PLC Interface of 6 intelligent outputs to relay ‘expert derived condition state’
  • Truly IIOT and Industry 4.0 compatible
  • Samples 16 ch of dynamic input (ICP and AC) + 8 ch of DC Voltage + 4 ch of local 4-20mA + two speed references with no additions to the board set

Simultaneous channel sampling with phase/speed reference – two sets of 8 ch simultaneous 24-bit Data Acquisition with 51.2kHz and 5.12kHz sampling. The ability to phase reference 8 channels simultaneously to 1 tacho input.

Huge reduction in sampling timescales when measuring low frequency data elements, plus optimisation of the whole 24 bits across the 2Hz – 2kHz frequency range through the lower sample rate and associated 2kHz Anti-Aliasing Filters.

Local Intelligence and Storage/ Long time samples – the use of a single board Computer allows the allocation of up to 0.5GBytes of RAM to the sampling engine, hence the actual measurement limit (assuming a 32byte float) is around 100Million samples (for a single channel)

PLC Interface (with no additional hardware) – far too often vibration data are stored as time and frequency domain primitives with no derived intelligence and only basic symptoms. The locally driven uBridge intelligence will allow any system integrator to add their own intelligence

Key Technology elements

24 Bit Data ConvertersMulti Language SoftwareLong Range IIOT (up to 500m)Intelligent Self learning analysis
Quality Piezo sensorsWeb based ApplicationBLE for near field commsCustomisable Dashboards
Quality Piezo sensorsCMMS & OPC interfacesHigh speed Bluetooth 2.0Email alert notifications
Local Interface to PLC’s4-20mA inputs and outputsBattery powered IIOT sensor lasts 5 yearsStatistical, threshold and learned alarms
Constantly scanning wired online systemLubrication ManagementSite InspectionsInstant Status Summary/ Visuals
All data stored locally as well as to CloudVibration MonitoringThermal Analysis Remote analysis and support 24/7